Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pix, Pix & Pix galore!!

These are my awesome mornings!!

Bubby @ Gavin's 3rd Bday

Thanksgiving 2010

1st Cereal (7wks old)
1st time in hims Bumbo (7wks old)
Aussi Boo Playing the Blues!!
Me & Bubby @ Gavin's 3rd Bday

Tummy Time
He holds on to this seat cover everytime! sooo cute!
Relaxing @ the Mall!
My Love's!

YES! They ARE that beautiful!

Happy Howl-O-Ween!

In Line @ the Haunted Woods

Pumpkin Patch

Aussi's Fall Party

Carving Pumpkins

Newborn & Family Christmas Pix

I know I still need to explain my birth story and eventually I will! I PROMISE!! I just wanted to give a bit of an update! Kingston will be 2months old on Dec 3rd & he has his 2month check up on the 2nd & I'm pretty sure he'll be over 11lbs! We had family Christmas/NewBorn pix done last Sunday when Kingston was 7wks old by one of my fave ppl & photographers...... Anne (!! Here are a few that she took! The shoot was a HOT MESS!! Kingston pee'd, pooped, spit up, cried & had to eat alllllllllllllll in the middle of the shoot! OY VEY! !

Pretty much all of Kingston's NB pix

Our 2 beautiful boys!

One of our Family pix

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kingston James has arrived!!!

Kingston has arrived & I am really behind on posting the great news but I'm sure yall understand why!!! He was born Oct. 3rd 2010 @ 1:04 pm, 7lbs 1oz, 20inches long, 4wks early & absolutely gorgeous!!!! Just a quick pic of "Bubby" and I will post more later.........

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I know I know, Im late & backed up once again!! Pics Galore!!

I know I'm like 4 or so wks behind & I'm sorry but this prego is TIRED!! I sleep ALOT these days!! So while I have a bit of awake time lets get goin'..........

So I have come across some old pix lately & I just cant get enough of my Aussi's baby/toddler pix!! I just find myself grinning from ear to ear or crying b/c I clearly remember each and every pic!! He is still just as beautiful as the day he was born!! He also has such a BIG heart & can not wait to be a BIG brother!! Here are a few pix that I just had to post!

I call this pic the "OH!" pic!! I adore this pic of him!!
Aussi & his puppy Paisley!!
Aussi wrote this on the bathroom mirror one day b4 we found out what we were having! It says: "I love my Mom, Saxon and my brother OR sister"!! Once we found out we were having a boy, I erased the "sister" part but it's still on the mirror!!
So Aussi played soccer this fall for the very 1st time & is doing AWESOME!! I am so very proud of him!! The 1st game it was soooo freaking HOT outside so he wasnt into it much but once it got cooler, man that boy fell in love with it!! He's a great goalie too!!! He's a hot mess though, I'm tellin' you what!! Even though he KNOWS he's suppose to wear his shin guards UNDER his socks (that also happen to be pulled up to his thighs lol) but says they velcro strap bothers him on the back of his legs! LOL!! Ok then son!! He's also VERY proud of himself b/c HE came up with the team name! He was just on cloud 9 over that! hahaha! He's so cute!

I honestly just want to brag a bit here!! I have the most AMAZING parents EVER!! Oh and even more amazing Grand Parents!! Kingston is going to be grand baby #6 for them & they still want MORE!! They keep the other 5 alllllllll the time, take them on trips a couple times a year & spoil them rotten, esp with LOVE!! All the grand kids would love nothing more than to move in with them!! lol! I never have to ask them to baby sit b/c they pretty much call me & tell me to bring Aussi to them! Then all the other kiddos come too!! Honestly I dont know how they do it! Wheeeeew!! Also Today: Sept 30th marks their 37th yr of marriage!! Happy Anni Ma & Dad!! Heres to another 37yrs!

Saxon bought me a new "Bama" hat!! WoooHoooo!! Yes, I am a DIE HARD Alabama fan & always has been!! I love & adore them win or lose!!
So Saxon went online searching & searching for the perfect "Boppy Cover" & well he found it!! A woman in Co. custom makes them any way you want!! Well b/c we are the "rocked out" & "inked up" kind of family, we just had to go w/a skull pattern like we have on pretty much everything else! We also had her put his name on the bottom & asked her to add a "crown" to the "K"! & well, heres the final product which I am absolutely IN LOVE with!!

So my Mom & a friend of hers, had gone to Gatlinburg for a long wkend a few wks ago & well, lets just say "Me-Mo" went a little clothes happy, though I for one am NOT complaining!! She is also making Kingston his very own baby blanket & so far I am in love with it!! Im just waiting for her to FINISH it!! lol

"Me-Mo" got this for Austin to give to his baby brother!!
Scary but oh so very true!!
Yeah "Me-Mo" went ca-razzzy!!
I have come to really LOVE making Pacifier clips, & others seem to really love them too, so I have decided to start selling them!! I am currently in the works of making my Etsy Store & I'm pretty excited about it!! The only problem to me making these bad boys, is that I am one PICKY creator!! I guess thats not so bad to the purchaser! ;)

I made this one for my baby Kingston!
Random Paci clips: All for sale!
A few of my "Fall" Paci Clips
Here are the past couple of wks of my belly! I had my 1st "internal" @ 35 wks & she told me I was 2centimeters & 40% effaced! WooHoo PROGRESS!! Only to be some what let down @ my 36wk apt, where she told me, I had not progressed any since wk 35! Arrgh! BUMMER!! Oh well, the longer he's in there they healthier he'll be!! She also told me that he had not dropped but she could touch his head!! Saxon pretty much freaked out on that one!! LOL!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dr's Apt & a WkEnd full of Goodies!!

*1st, Thursday we had our 32wk OB visit!! She did a very quick u/s b/c that just happen to be the room they had available, but I'm not complaining!! She said that the fluid looked great & he is still head down! She also said that he is STILL measuring 2wks ahead & her goal is still to get me to 36wks!! Next apt is Sept. 15th which is the same day I turn 34wks & she said thats when I'll get my "internal". I've been dilated to 1 since 27wks so I am curious if I'm dilated more now! EeeeeK!!!

*2nd, Lil' Kingston was all over the place last night & boy was I HURTING and BAD!!! He had his feet all up in my ribs, deff painful!! BUT keep reading to see what happened.....

*3rd, Aussi had soccer practice last night, which he did GREAT but right b4 we walked out the door he told me someone was knocking on the door, so low & behold it was the UPS man & he just so happen to have our oh so AWESOME Chicco Keyfit-30 (Romantic) Travel System!! OMG, can we say badass!!??!! We are LOVING it!! Then to top it off we also got the package I had ordered which was Kingston's Halloween costume & a pair of plain black pants to go with a cute Halloween outfit I just had to get him!

*4th, remember #2? Well after our Lil' Stinker stayed all up in my ribs & hurt his Mommy, I woke up after about 10hrs of sleep which is HIGHLY rare for me, I go to the bathroom & notice a redish mark on my left side of my tummy, right under my ribs. I didnt think anything of it other than, it was just a mark from how i was sleeping or the blankets or what not. Anyway, I went to the kitchen got something to eat & drink & about 15min later I walk into the bathroom again & notice that this "redish" mark on my tummy was now a purpleish/wine colored bruise! OMG, so of course I freaked out wondering if I had some how slept on my stomach & was he OK?! With in a min or so I realized it was his FOOTPRINT!! WHOA!! I took a pic of it & sent it to Saxon & asked what he saw & he came right back with "footprint"? Well yeah but not what he was thinking. I think he thought his foot was pushing from the inside out but noooooo..... It was indeed a bruise of his footprint. It looked almost as is if a newborn had put his foot in ink & marked my belly!! I was in shock! It is now pretty much gone but I got pix.................

Kingston's footprint (original pic)
Same pic but I just changed the color, so you can see it better!

Halloween costume on Left & just a cute outfit on Right
Our oh so awesome Chicco Travel System!