Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dr's Apt & a WkEnd full of Goodies!!

*1st, Thursday we had our 32wk OB visit!! She did a very quick u/s b/c that just happen to be the room they had available, but I'm not complaining!! She said that the fluid looked great & he is still head down! She also said that he is STILL measuring 2wks ahead & her goal is still to get me to 36wks!! Next apt is Sept. 15th which is the same day I turn 34wks & she said thats when I'll get my "internal". I've been dilated to 1 since 27wks so I am curious if I'm dilated more now! EeeeeK!!!

*2nd, Lil' Kingston was all over the place last night & boy was I HURTING and BAD!!! He had his feet all up in my ribs, deff painful!! BUT keep reading to see what happened.....

*3rd, Aussi had soccer practice last night, which he did GREAT but right b4 we walked out the door he told me someone was knocking on the door, so low & behold it was the UPS man & he just so happen to have our oh so AWESOME Chicco Keyfit-30 (Romantic) Travel System!! OMG, can we say badass!!??!! We are LOVING it!! Then to top it off we also got the package I had ordered which was Kingston's Halloween costume & a pair of plain black pants to go with a cute Halloween outfit I just had to get him!

*4th, remember #2? Well after our Lil' Stinker stayed all up in my ribs & hurt his Mommy, I woke up after about 10hrs of sleep which is HIGHLY rare for me, I go to the bathroom & notice a redish mark on my left side of my tummy, right under my ribs. I didnt think anything of it other than, it was just a mark from how i was sleeping or the blankets or what not. Anyway, I went to the kitchen got something to eat & drink & about 15min later I walk into the bathroom again & notice that this "redish" mark on my tummy was now a purpleish/wine colored bruise! OMG, so of course I freaked out wondering if I had some how slept on my stomach & was he OK?! With in a min or so I realized it was his FOOTPRINT!! WHOA!! I took a pic of it & sent it to Saxon & asked what he saw & he came right back with "footprint"? Well yeah but not what he was thinking. I think he thought his foot was pushing from the inside out but noooooo..... It was indeed a bruise of his footprint. It looked almost as is if a newborn had put his foot in ink & marked my belly!! I was in shock! It is now pretty much gone but I got pix.................

Kingston's footprint (original pic)
Same pic but I just changed the color, so you can see it better!

Halloween costume on Left & just a cute outfit on Right
Our oh so awesome Chicco Travel System!

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