Saturday, August 14, 2010


And yet, another L&D visit.... UGH! Tuesday Aug. 10th I called my OB just to ease my mind b/c I had a decrease in fetal movement, thinking I could just go see my OB the next day. Noooo, when I had called, they told me to get to L&D to get monitored..... WAH??? I had absolutely NO intention of going when I had called. To make a long monitoring experience short, all is good but I am on bed rest until my OB tells me any different, I guess!

Aus & I in L&D, he takes great care of his Momma!!

Wed. Aug. 11th I turned 29wks & I feel as though I look HUGE!!


Aug. 12, was Aussi's 1st day of the 2nd grade!! I feel like he is just growing up WAY too fast for my liking!! Wether he likes it or not, he will ALWAYS be my Boo(Baby)!! I happen to know his teacher which made it a bit easier for me & I think it did for him aswell b/c she told his class that we grew up together, so I think that made him feel special. He has hated both Kindergarden & 1st grade but he said that he LOVES the 2nd grade!! Thank you GOD!!! He's so cute I cant even see straight!

Me & my Boo on his 1st day of the 2nd grade!!

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