Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wow!! it's been almost a yr!!

Ok So i started this blog almost a yr ago & as you can tell i have NOT kept up BUT sooooo much has happened this past year!! So lets get started!!

*Well on the morning of Feb. 15th 2010, I found out we were expecting a BABY!!! I found out right after Sax had gone to work & it killed me to keep my mouth shut ALLLLL DAY!! I went out and got a onesie & card & put in the card that he was going to be a great "Daddy"!! I put the card, onesie & pregnancy test in a bag as a "late" Valentines day gift that i told him i forgot to give him!! He opened the card 1st & didnt catch on to the "Daddy" part then saw the onesie & test & his jaw dropped & asked if i was serious (in a good way)!!! We were both ecstatic!! We told Aussi about 2wks later b/c i unfort have a history of miscarriages, so i didnt want to m/c after telling him, that would have broken his heart!! Everyone is very happy & supportive, we both have great families!!

* @ 9wks I found myself in the E.R. due to bleeding, i was absolutely terrified, seeing as though I have a history of miscarriages. I was in there forever & got an U/S (ultra sound) & come to find out, all was fine!! The E.R. Dr. was absolutely HORRIBLE!! Lets just say he had/has NO bed side manner what so ever! I was to take it easy for the next couple of days!

* Aussi Finally got baptized Catholic!! Took 7 yrs. but we got it done!! WooooHoooo!!

* @ 20wks we found out we were having a BOY!! We are Team BLUE!!! I swore it was a girl but I was deff wrong! I'm so happy that God has blessed me with 2 beautiful sons!!

* @ around 22wks I had another OB apt where she then told me I had a "hemorrhage" in my Uterus!! She told me absolutely nothing else about it! So of course Saxon goes to freak out mode & put me on his own bed & pelvic rest until we had our other U/S 4wks later.

* In the mean time while waiting for the U/S we took a family Vaca with my family which was great, other than my Boo (Aussi) getting very sick!! :( Luckily it was only for 24hrs!!! My older sis got married on the beach to the love of her life, who I am so proud to call my Brother in Law!! Can i just add that she is an AMAZING singer & my bro in law is hands down the most AMAZING artist I have ever met or seen!! NO JOKE!!

* @ around 26wks we finally had another U/S to check on the "hemorrhage", but the tech said it hadn't grown but it hadn't shrunk either and that it was probably just left over from when i was bleeding @ 9wks! THANK GOD!! She then asked if my OB told me that I also had a "placenta sheet"?! Which she didnt but the u/s tech said that both the sheet & hemorrhage were completely FINE!!! again THANK YOU GOD!!!

@ 27wks we had our Maternity Pictures done by AnneJordanPhotography.blogspot.com & can we say AH-Ma-ZING!!!! She will also be at the birth of our son to capture all the 1st moments & also be our photographer from here on out!! We had a BLAST!! I constantly look @ our pix that she had posted the same night & next day (which is EXTREMELY FAST)!!!

* @ 27 1/2 wks I started having what ppl call "Braxton Hicks", ok no problem right?!.......... WRONG!!!! Mine actually turned into real labor contractions! I was personally timing them about 2:30 apart for about 30-1:00 long but once I got to the hospital they were actually 1-2min apart. The nurse checked me & said I was dilated to 1, my OB sent me home anyway & the contractions finally tapered off, though I still get "Braxton Hicks" which SUCK!! My OB did put me on Pelvic Rest for now!!

* I am now currently 28wks & still having those Braxton Hicks several times a day & they can get pretty bad, I also have SEVERE back pain that just wont go away!!!

* Meaning behind Baby Reynolds Wrap name, Kingston James: Kingston is after my G-Daddy (My Dads dad, whom I was VERY close to) b/c he sang with the Legendary Country Music Artist Marty Robbins for 23years & My G-Daddy was known as "The Yodeling King", hence the KING part & also b/c he wrote a song for Marty called "Kingston Girl" that Marty recorded!! I am more than proud of that man & miss him every single day. I tell ppl he was the center of my oreo!! James: is after my other G-Daddy (Big Dad) & Saxon's G-Daddy!!!

* My Baby Shower is set for Aug. 15th @ my parents house, which my dad will be out of town b/c he is going to sing with Bret Michaels....... LUCKY!!! Anyway, I'm super super excited b/c I get to see alot of friends I havent seen in a while but bummed b/c Saxon's family cant make it b/c they all live in South Fla!! YES, I did my own invitations!! I am so very proud of myself too! It took me several days to complete them but they turned out AWESOME!! My older sis helped me with the design but I detailed every last detail!! They fit our family to a "T"!!!

* On another note, Aussi played TBall this summer & fell in love with it!!! My lil Motocrosser loves Baseball!! Well unfort. the season is over, so now he is doing the whole Soccer thing!! He's really excited & Saxon went off & bought him alllllll kinds of soccer equipment!! My Boo ALSO starts school in 1wk!! OMG my Boo is going to the 2nd grade!! He is growing up way too fast for my liking!!! He's already talking about which car he wants when he's 16!!! WHAT??!!! AND he's talking about GIRLS!! He wants a Girl Friend!!! NO BUENO!!! I'm not letting him date till hes' 30!!!! Aus is my heart!! He will always be my "Baby"!! God blessed me with one AMAZING child, I'll tell you that! I love him!!

* Saxon......... WOW, he works his BUTT off!!!! He works atleast 70 hrs a wk & I miss him like crazy, though I do wish he had a GREAT paying job that he didnt have to work as many hrs!!! Im fortunate that I dont have to work right now (all b/c of him)!!! Dont get me wrong, it's deff NOT easy when it comes to money but I guess thats the way it is for just about everyone which really blows!! He's SOOOOO excited to become a "Daddy" even though he's already one AMAZING "Step Dad" to Aussi!! Aus absolutely ADORES him & really looks up to him!! The thing about Saxon is that he is absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Thats not to be taken lightly!! He's a math wiz & can learn anything the 2nd you tell him how to do it!! He's also one of the best BaseBall players I have ever seen!! I LOVE him with all of my heart!! He is truly the love of my life!!

* I have been making onesies for Bubby (Kingston) & shirt for Boo (Aussi)!! I made Boo a Tshirt that says "Big Bro" on it with a skull on it & made Bubby a "matching" one that says "LiL Bro" on it that also has a skull on it!! I also make pacifier clips which seem to be quite a hit!! Though i've only made them for Bubby so far!!

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