Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's been a lil' while....

Ok, so I know it's been a lil while since I've last posted but I'm not gonna lie, I've been SLEEPING, and ALOT during the day! Not so much @ night which is honestly driving me crazy! So now to the updating........
Im now 32weeks!! woohooo!! I feel so much closer now & I'm so happy b/c stick a fork in me b/c I am DONE!! (Keep in mind that it's 12:05 am here, so I dont have my 32 wk pic yet) I will post my 32wk pic once daylight comes! ;) I also have my next OB appt. this Thursday....... Speaking of which....... Our last appt. was 2wks ago so we are now going by monthly until 35wks!! So 2wks ago @ our 30wk appt. my Dr. measured my belly & said that I was measuring GREAT, then followed that with....."He's measuring 2wks AHEAD"!!! WHOA! We weren't expecting that but hey we'll take it! She didn't change our due date though.
She also said that IF she can get me to 36wks then we'll be "golden" & that LO really wouldnt have to be in the NICU for long at all. Hmmmmm, um ok...... I guess!! She said that she thought that I only had about 4-6wks left (2wks ago), so we'll see what she has to say Thurs!! My personal guess is that he'll be about 41/2 wks early, & being born on Sept. 24th, weighing in between 7'2 - 7'6 & about 20inches tall! JMO!! lol
On a completely different note, my parents got 2 new puppies, who I like to call my Fursters!! 2girls: Merle & Harley!! They are both full blooded Great Danes & are so freaking cute, I cant stand it!!
We also had our co-ed baby shower, which was pretty good, minus the drama but I just wont go there! For the most part, we had a pretty good time & had a great turn out & also got lots of GREAT gifts!! So THANK YOU to everyone who came & got us a gift! It really means alot to us!! I haven't uploaded the pix just yet but I will & I'll add some soon!
Aussi has his very 1st soccer game this Sat!! I am so excited for him & he too is super excited!! Now if only Saxon didnt have to work EVERY sat, then he'd be able to go too!!
I also went ahead and ordered Kingston's "Halloween outfit", he's going to be a Skeleton & Aussi said he want's to be a werewolf again this year! He wants his brother to come some what early so I'm healed enough & Kingston is kind of old enough to get out of the house so we can all 4 go "Trick or Treating"!! Aussi is now asking me almost every day when his baby brother is coming!! He's just so excited!! He is going to be the most AMAZING Big Bro EVER!!
Saxon also surprised me today by telling me that he ordered the travel system I have wanted the most, which is the Chico Keyfit 30-Romantic!! I am inlove with it!! It's everything I've wanted in a travel system!! I believe I posted a pic of it down below a while back!! He also ordered a custom made Boppy Cover in my fave blue & white skull pattern on one side & Kingston's name on the other! We cant wait to see it! For the most part I believe we have just about everything we need so far!!

Kingston's Halloween Outfit
My Parents new puppies: Harley(L) & Merle(R)
31 weeks
30 weeks

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