Monday, August 9, 2010

Crazy weekend!! More so Crazy Saturday!!

Ok, so my wkend (more like Sat.) was CRAZY!! 1st my Boo (Aussi) has decided he wants to play soccer this season for the very 1st time so I signed him up & he had his "evaluation" Sat. morning & OMG his did AMAZING!! Im so proud of my Boo!! I'm praying he gets on his Uncles team!! He absolutely LOVES soccer, he's truly a "Jack of all trades"!! Evaluations were @9am & lasted to about 10:30am but my goodness it was PAINFULLY hot that early!! I seriously was scared I was going to go into pre-labor! If you didnt know already, when I was 19wks prego, I had gotten "overheated" & started contracting so my OB told me I wasnt aloud to go outside until AFTER 5pm!! WAH?? It's been a rough summer only b/c I feel so sorry for Boo, b/c I couldnt take him swimming or anything! Made it home after evaluations, laid down for about 30min then got up & cleaned my butt off!! I was in so much pain just after cleaning the 1st bathroom, Saxon got upset & told me to stop & that he'd clean when he got home from work, BUT I couldnt, so I paid for it later!
That night, we had to perform at a concert. My Dad had called me a few days prior & told me he wasnt going to let me perform, which was honestly FINE BY ME!! lol! 2 of my nephews stayed the night @ our house with Aussi, so when Saxon got home he & the boys watched the UFC fights & I went to the concert just to "get out" for a lil while!! I get there right b4 my Dad goes on, so I didnt miss anything! I was chatting up w/my twin sisters bf who both are firefighters & he is also a paramedic, anyway, out of no where, a couple ppl shot off a cannon!! YES a REAL cannon, it was above & beyond LOUD!! It scared the crap outta me! I looked @ my twinky's BF & asked if he was ready to deliver Bubby (Kingston) at that moment!! Bubby didnt move for a while after that & I was starting to worry, then my Dad called me on stage to sing the last half of a song (didnt dance or move, just sang). Bubby then started JAMMIN', I think he's going to follow in the families footsteps! lol!
Well I left right after that b/c I honestly dont know how I was still standing. Got home, got in bed, propped my feet up & BAM..... contractions started!! UGH! They were fluctuating between 6 1/2 min to 3 1/2 min & were extremely intense! They lasted for several hrs. I had about 10 or more in an hr. but I knew that if my OB sent me home after having them 1 min apart last sunday then she would deff send me home if I had gone in. Fortunately, they went away & I was able to fall asleep around 4am!! So basically THAT was my Sat.!! Oh so crazy, for me anyway!!
Our Baby Shower is coming up, & we are SOOOOOO excited, we cant even see straight (that includes Boo)! I cant even express how excited he is to become a BIG Brother!! He's going to be amazing & has been very involved in the pregnancy & will be after Bubby is born!! My Boo is so awesome! God seriously blessed me when he made me his Mommy!!!

My Dad Doing what he does best.....Rockin out! w/my 2sisters!
Aussi's Soccer evaluation/1st time ever playing soccer!
Aussi & his cousin Alex!

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